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All Faux SEQUIN Drive

All Faux SEQUIN Drive

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Please allow 24 hours to be added to the drive. The email you use to purchase will be the email added.  If you have troubles accessing the drive please email Please check your "shared with me" in Google drive prior to emailing. 

This drive will have a minimum of 100 designs, including at least 25 alphabet sets, which could be in both the faux sequin and faux embroidery drive. This will include common names (mama, grandma, auntie, aunt, etc.) as well as some short common sayings and clip art. 

If you intend to sell transfers of this item you must purchase a transfer license. This is a final sale item. No refunds will be given. 

If there is even a remote suspicion of copying (you selling digitals resembling or copying designs of Dyed Daisy) you will be removed from the drive and removed from the group. You will also be required to immediately cease selling any items with our designs and remove all downloads from your possession. 

Terms and Conditions: By purchasing you agree to NOT share, distribute, alter, or resell any of these files. Alpha sets can be used to make new words in digital format to sell, you CANNOT sell the single files, or the alpha sets as is in digital form, you cannot alter the colors or background colors of any alpha. You cannot remove the background and sell them as blank sets. If you are caught sharing in any dump groups you will be removed with no refund. If you are caught selling transfers without a license you will be removed without refund. All copyright remains exclusively with Rice Design Company, LLC DBA Dyed Daisy Digitals. You cannot make any file resembling a file sold by Dyed Daisy Digitals. 

If selling completed items (shirts, cups, etc) you are not required to purchase a license. This is a lifetime drive for as long as I create faux sequins. This does not mean I will indefinitely create faux sequins. As of now, the drive holds thousands in value, I am under NO obligation to continue adding to this drive indefinitely. I will add to the drive until 12/2023 at the least. Any NON Exclusive and NON custom Faux Sequins will be included. Price subject to change.

This drive only includes non exclusive, and non custom items with faux sequin elements. If it has faux sequins AND faux embroidery, it’s included. If it does NOT have faux sequins in the design, it is NOT included.

You MUST purchase the drive with accompanying license if you plan to sell ANY type of printed transfer. You do NOT need a license to sell completed items.

The alphas and clip are can be used to create digital designs, however, you cannot create any design that looks similar to any design created by DDD. You must be unique with your designs. Finished designs cannot be used or resold in any digital capacity.

You are not allowed to share or distribute these files at all. If caught in any dump groups dumping designs, or sharing the files, you will be removed from the drive with no refund.

Violation of any of these terms is subject to immediate removal from the drive with no refund.

Some files MAY import VERY large (50-70") and show they are 72 dpi, HOWEVER, if you size them down to your size needed, they will be 300 dpi at the appropriate size. Mass exporting large files can export them way larger than anticipated, however ALL designs are created on a 12x12 canvas at 300dpi. Size them down first before freaking out. :) 

These images are not allowed to be used for print on demand or for vendors to use as a “make your own direct to film sheet.” If you are a transfer vendor with a repository for your customers to build a gang sheet on your website with designs you offer, my designs cannot be used. If this confuses you or you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out for better clarification.

If I, Siera Rice (Owner), unknowingly create any completed design with the elements herein that I personally create and they are similar in composition to another design I am under no obligation to remove my design. These are my elements that I am making, and if by chance I unknowingly make a design similar to someone else's who have ALSO used my elements, I will not remove my design and will NOT require them to remove theirs either. There's enough room for all of us. 

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Customer Reviews

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You need it!

This drive is worth every penny! I find myself using these digitals daily. My customers are absolutely blown away by the details. The quality of the designs are incredible. The options are endless. If you're on the fence I hope this is a sign to invest in your business. It's soo good

Brittany Sexton

First off, don’t think about it.. don’t wonder if it’s worth it.. just DO IT! Invest in your business! This drive is freaking amazing.. the things YOU can create with it, are endless! Not to mention all of Sieras designs she adds to it. Listen, it is worth EVERY penny!