This is me, RDC, and my reasons why

This is me, RDC, and my reasons why


I'm Siera, the owner and sole operator of Rice Design Company, LLC. I started this business to provide an added income to my family, and hopefully get me to spend more quality time with them. I'm a mama of 2 boys, one fur pooch, and a wife to an amazingly supportive husband. 

I started my career in copywriting; writing for big brands for all their advertisements, and then I moved on to doing full-cycle marketing. I figured, if I can do it for multi-million dollar businesses, I could do it for myself! So, here I am. 

I make custom tees for every occasion, to fit every lifestyle; I try to make things I would wear! I thoroughly hope you enjoy my shop, feel free to follow us on Facebook @RiceDesignCo and join our VIP Group @RiceDesignCoVIP where we do giveaways, promos, and special sneak peeks! 

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